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    Facebook Advertising

    About Facebook Advertising

    Facebook Advertising Campaign

    Facebook is a highly popular social media channel that has the best reach with over a billion users across the globe. It is important for the businesses to opt for Facebook Advertising, as it has more users make use of this medium to connect with their favorite brands. Facebook Ads are highly popular if you are aiming at instant brand awareness as well as reach. The cost of Facebook Advertising is very low when you compare the cost of the rest of the options for advertising. This explains why Facebook marketing is very effective. Plus, you will get the following options discussed below.

    Facebook Advertising is an easy choice for identifying the perfect people, grab their attention and achieve the results.

    Options for Facebook Advertising and Targeting

    • An interest of user: They show an interest in a specific topic or like specific pages
    • The behavior of users: Targeting the users who are on the lookout for some specific product or service
    • Level of Income and net worth: While selling luxury products or offering expensive service, it is the best option
    • Specific Features: Exhibit ads to the users on the basis of their gender, age and other features.
    • Designation and Industry: Reach the users based on their place of occupation.
    • Status of home ownership: The best indicator to hold ad campaigns for real estate.
    • Parent centric Advertising: Creating ads specifically for parents with kids.
    • Event-based ads: Advertising based on milestones or events of life, such as birthdays and anniversaries.
    • Shoppers: Exhibit ads to those users who do online shopping.
    • Gamers: Creating ads to attract ardent game lovers.
    • Handheld devices: Creating apps for the users of Apple or Android phones to click-to-call campaigns or download the app on the basis of the type of their device.
    • Degree and Education: A perfect option when the degree or education of the user is needed.
    • Know more about the options of Facebook Advertising

    We will help you by creating activities like Facebook Advertising and campaign

    • Facebook enables you to achieve your business goals
    • Contribute online sales
    • Improve local sales
    • Enhance Your app
    • Grow brand awareness

    Other advanced Facebook Advertising targeting features

    Custom Audience

    It is easy to reach out to customers whom you already have on Facebook using custom audience feature. You can upload contact details like phone numbers and email addresses too. Make use of the information through your app or website. Our ThyDigital experts know the way to deliver such Facebook ads to those who use this social media channel.

    Download of Mobile App

    With over 50% of the Facebook users using the mobile phone, it is easy to reach a large number of users on the basis of the targeting options that are mentioned.

    Facebook Retargeting

    ThyDigital has become the partner of Adroll to offer this special feature. You can convert your customers when they are engaging with the highly engaging social network in the world. You can reach out to the customers through their handheld devices using retargeted ads in their Right Hand Column ad News Feed. There is no need to have friends just for namesake.

    Facebook Advertising

    Facebook Advertising offers your brands and businesses are an effective measure for improving the visibility and for connecting the prospects and customers.

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