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    We are ThyDigital

    We are a team of experts

    ThyDigital provides supervised Online Reputation Management Services for flawless results. Most of the prospects find you online before they actually become customers. ORM is therefore important to build the lasting reputation. If suffering from the ill-effects of poor reputation online, contact us!

    About ORM

    We provide one of the most trusted ORM services by engaging reverse SEO process. Our team would not just build a positive reputation for your company but would also remove all types of negative content online that can damage the brand reputation. Our ORM services include –

    • Finding and removing slander or negative stories
    • Removal of all types of bad reviews and ratings
    • Uplifting search engine rating
    • Eliminating the information on court cases, litigations, and rip off reports
    • Removal of all associated cheater websites

    Guaranteed outcome – We implement most efficient reverse SEO for guaranteed results.

    No negativity on search engines – All negative content on the search engine would be removed.

    Quick results – We incorporate time-bound processes to stop the damage in time.

    Our ORM processes are well-defined. We would offer a customized solution for every client considering their unique need, however, the steps involved in the process are pre-defined in order to ensure transparency of operations that make us one of the most trusted ORM service providers.

    The five steps involved in our ORM process are –

    1. Briefing meet with the project in charge
    • This would be the first meeting with your project in-charge or the designated representative.
    • A brief view would be taken for your strategy.
    • Know the expectations of the campaign and set the goals accordingly.
    • The client is informed if the goals seem to be unrealistic!
    1. Detailed research
    • Study SERPs.
    • Search and analyze all the negative content to assess the possibilities of future attacks in the form of images, comments, reviews etc.
    • Recognize all negative comments and reviews available online.
    • Recognize the source of the negative content and their motives.
    1. Content Roadmap
    • Study the current SEO.
    • Recognize all positive content published online.
    • Identify the source for positive marketing and microsites.
    • Find UGC platform as per the client’s requirement.
    • Identify and raise the content requirement.
    1. Search Engine Optimization
    • Get the content ready as per the need.
    • Build a strategy for positive link building campaign.
    1. Crowdsourcing
    • The entire process is carried out through the outreach program.
    • Ensure quality assurance even while engaging various sources.
    • Involve 3rd parties in the process while ensuring no digital footprint.

    All of the above processes are carried out with utmost transparency. We chart weekly or monthly targets and would be happy to receive feedback at the end of each campaign.

    The entire process calls for thorough ORM expertise and the in-house SEO personal would not be able to carry out the function efficiently. Remember, negativity spreads much faster than positivity and hence ORM is one of the most important services for new and established businesses.

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