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    Facebook & Instagram Ads

    Let Your Business Flourish With Facebook & Instagram Ads

    About Facebook Ads

    An advertising agency specialized in managing Facebook advertisements, Thydigital, is a fast growing advertising company that is engaged in creating more information, leads, clients, app downloads and retail activities. At Thydigital, the main function of the company is to facilitate the companies to advertise their product and services on social websites and also ensure its clients to get desired results.  Through best advertising techniques Facebook has successfully reached its prospective viewers of all types of the budget with accurate information. Here are few reasons for Facebook advertisements being so popular:

    • Best business opportunity and also reached the target of 1.59 billion viewers across the globe.
    • Successfully deliver ads to target viewers of all types, who carry the capability of being converted into prospective customers in coming future.
    • One of the most trusted methods to reach out to the customers on their mobile anywhere anytime.

    Use Facebook to its fullest –

    Classified viewers

    • Viewers of different category like gender, qualification, age, country, and community etc. can be chosen on the same platform.


    • Different audiences can be reached based on their likes and dislikes, allowing Facebook clients to aim followers of competitors.

    Capability of audience

    • Obtaining info about purchasing capacity of people as per device usage and behavior.


    • Attaining info on people connected with page and app along with friends.


    Connecting with the known audience and similar to them.

    About Instagram Ads

    Instagram advertising agency, ThyDigital is the best way to reach the desired targeted audience. One can reach to more than 600 million target audiences throughout the world with Instagram ads. ThyDigital helps to save money on advertising campaigns to reach desired goals. Instagram ads have been proved beneficial in launching new products, growth in app downloads and diverting audience to purchase a particular product as they are highly viewed and are capable of the engaging audience. This target can be easily achieved with the help of ThyDigital.

    Quick reasons to choose Instagram for advertisement are:

    Increase in Digital advertising

    Digital advertising has taken a boom in recent years. In 2015 gross online spending was $151 billion and it is expected to reach $204 by 2018. The reasons behind it are spending more time with people on the internet through smartphones and computers. Also, it is more convenient than traditional media.

    Largest advertising platform

    Instagram has more than 600 million viewers, out of which around 75 million are regular on Instagram who belongs to different countries. With the users of such huge base, Instagram becomes the ideal place to advertise.

    High Engagement rate

    Daily around 40 billion pictures are shared on Instagram which attracts approx. 3.5 billion likes. The engagement rate on it is very high as compared to other social sites like Facebook and Twitter. It is so because of its easy operation and interaction with a wide range of audiences.

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