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    Google Adwords

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    About Google Adwords

    Google AdWords campaign is the best tool to reach target audience for your business. It is a good platform to show your ads on Google at right time and in right place. It helps in reaching a targeted audience and engages your customer.

    Google AdWords Campaign is specially designed for Advertising. It is a potential method to boost traffic to your website. It also provides flexible and personalizes option to do campaign according to your business needs.

    • It’s one of the most effective methods of paid online advertising available.
    • This advertising system is used by thousands of small, medium and large organizations.
    • Google AdWords has the potential to send large numbers of people to you who want exactly what you have to offer.

    Why Should You Choose Google AdWords And No Other Online Marketing Medium?

    Your online business is not able to take up the competition; irrespective of trying everything. Google AdWords can give you the results that you are longing to have.

    Before you go ahead, it is important to understand why you choose to do Google AdWord Campaign:

    • Who are your target customers?
    • How good is your website, your landing pages? Are they SEO optimized?
    • What are your marketing goals?
    • Are you targeting a certain number of sales in your business?
    • Do you wish to increase your web traffic?

    With our Google Adwords services you get:

    • Immediate exposure: Your ad can show in the top 5 results on a Google search results page
    • Global Reach: Show  your potential customers relevant, targeted ads in a timely manner when they search Google for your products, services or business
    • Geotargeting: Ensures that you are targeting your ads to the right geographic locations
    • Reporting: Google AdWords reporting lets you determine which keywords are or are not working, the click-through-rate of your ads and much more
    • Budgeting: Google AdWords works well for all budget types and gives you the ability to manage your bids and budgets

    ThyDigital Google AdWords Services Include:

    • Monthly PPC Spend
    • Campaign development strategy
    • Google analytic integration
    • A/B testing
    • Keyword discovery and selection
    • Ad text submission
    • PPC monitoring
    • Landing page development
    • PPC ROI reporting
    • Strategic bid management
    • Geo-targeting
    • Conversion tracking
    • Ad submission

    If you’re interested in our Google AdWords Management Services, please contact us to check our availability and receive a free quote.

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