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    Instagram Advertising

    About Instagram Advertising

    Why our Instagram Advertising is powerful?

    Instagram Advertising has now become the buzzword for the businesses who wish to opt for online advertising. With more than 3.5 billion likes per day and more than 80 million images uploaded each day, Instagram has the highest rate of growth when compared to other social media channels. At ThyDigital, we help our clients make use of the Instagram ads to reach out to their customers with high frequency. Using Instagram, we provide top-notch advertising solutions for businesses to deliver better awareness, amazing output and better messaging. Our experts create brand campaigns with wide perspective to drive maximum level of web conversions. We offer an array of options like Facebook Power Editor to perform advertising with Instagram.

    Objectives of our Instagram Advertising

    Website Clicks

    • Direct visitors to the major sections of your website
    • Placing various Ad Formats like Carousel, Photo, and Video

    Website Conversions

    • Encourage people to download and install your app on mobile phones
    • Supporting various Ad Formats like Carousel, Photo, and Video

    Engaging Through Mobile Apps

    • Receive a lot of activity through the mobile app
    • Offer several Ad formats: Carousel, Photo, and Video

    Views for Videos

    • Weaving your story through video
    • Supporting Video Ad Formats

    Frequency and Reach

    • Attain the reach predicted and have better control over the frequency of messages
    • Offering Ad formats like Carousel, Photo, and Video

    Post Engagement of Web Pages

    • Engage your customers with advertisements
    • Supporting Ad formats like Video and Photo

    Creating Mass Awareness

    • Develop mass awareness with broader audience coverage for creating assured impressions
    • Support Ad Formats like Carousel, Photo, and Video

    Creating Local Awareness

    • Connect with the customers near your locality and make them your local customers
    • Ad Formats supported: Carousel, Photo, and Video

    Reach out to targeted audiences quickly

    ThyDigital is equipped with the perfect targeted options to make your Instagram advertising campaigns reach the targeted audiences at a swift pace.

    Based on Location

    We help you target your existing and new customers within a specific region, city or country.

    Based on Demographics

    We help you narrow your customers with Instagram Advertising based on demographics, such as gender, languages, age and so on.

    Based on customer preferences

    ThyDigital helps by defining your customers on the basis of their activities on Facebook and Instagram.

    Customizing Connections

    We send ads to your existing customers based on their contact numbers or email addresses.

    Lookalike customers

    We identify new customers who have similar preferences like your existing ones.

    Automated Audiences

    We enable you to have a new group of customers who are interested in establishing a connection with your brand, as we make use of several signals like interests, demographics, and location.


    We offer reports that inform you about the way the ads we created have engaged and reached your customers. We also perform an analysis of the branding goals and website traffic of yours to enhance the results of ad campaigns. You can also look at few of the Instagram Advertising we have created for your customers.

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