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    LinkedIn Advertising

    About LinkedIn Advertising

    LinkedIn is the biggest professional network in the world that has a huge database with millions of professionals having impressive profiles. LinkedIn advertising is an impressive lead generating tool that works perfectly when used in par with the campaigns of content marketing that promotes with webinars, e-books and white papers.

    We have the ability to target the users based on the similar schema through LinkedIn advertising based on the profile of the users, their forum activity and groups for positioning their roles as professionals in their respective sector. LinkedIn ads have proven ability for achieving the success rate of over 250%, as this professional platform provides advanced promotional filters for making brands choose the perfect professionals.

    Attract new customers towards your business

    Targeted B2B With High Precision

    • Through seniority
    • Through size of company and industry
    • Through Function, responsibilities and job title

    The way you pay

    • End your ads anytime
    • Pay per Click/impressions
    • No contracts for long-term
    • Zero commitments

    Top 4 types of LinkedIn Advertising
    1. Sponsored Updates
    Improve the content of your company through several devices

    • Grab the attention of new followers to your Showcase page or Company
    • Reach out to the targeted audience through our result oriented targeting options
    • Put across your company message on every handheld device like mobile phones and tablets and on PCs.

    2. Text Advertising
    Begin lead generation in a short time

    • Adding a catchy heading, attractive description and an image of 50X50
    • Selecting the target audience using B2B filters of high precision
    • Have your own budget and have performance measured with Campaign Manager

    3. Sponsored In Mail
    Pass personalized business messages to your clients and customers. Using Sponsored LinkedIn In Mails, you will be able to:

    • Improve the registrations through personalized invites for business events
    • Conversion-driven practices using targeted services and products
    • Improve download content for white papers, infographics and so on.

    4. LinkedIn Lead Ads
    LinkedIn lead Ads are just like the lead ads on Facebook that enables the user the watch the sponsored content you place through their news feed and the action is to click on it to submit. There is no need to fill out the forms.

    • Conversion of prospects as qualified leads through LinkedIn directly
    • Collect full lead data accurately that includes contact info of members, job responsibility, function, seniority, experience, the name of company, industry and so on – through the pre-populated forms, which can be submitted by the members through one click.
    • Measuring the rate of lead generation, cost per lead and audience type for the conversion of leads.
    • Download the LinkedIn leads from Campaign Manager or CRM or marketing Automation provider for managing and capturing the lead data.

    If you wish to reach out to several professionals based on the type of company they work with, approach us now, as we are experts in performing LinkedIn advertising and can drive qualified traffic to your business. Be one of our top profile clients who has already benefited from our services.

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