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    YouTube Advertising Through Google

    About YouTube Advertising Through Google

    Talk to the experts at ThyDigital for YouTube Campaign. Enjoy video views lower than 25 cents per view. Pay to engage.

    Being the second biggest search engine after Google, YouTube is the widely visited site across the globe. Your customers love to watch favorite videos through this popular online channel, which makes it an apt choice to advertise your services and products. At ThyDigital, we create mesmerizing banner ads and video ads to grab the attention of your customers based on the user interest areas, catchy topics, trending videos, device type, remarketing targeting, keywords and with specific formats.

    You need not pay anything when your customer skips your ad of 5 seconds. You just have to pay for the engagement that occurs when they watch the whole video. Website traffic, shares, likes, subscribers, comments, and clicks are offered for free. We also create TrueView Ads, which are the latest ones in the arena of YouTube Advertising and make use of the video platform, Under Adwords.

    YouTube Advertising using Google

    You can feel the power of YouTube Advertising, as there is a huge difference when you play the same TV ad on this online channel. The amount you pay for advertising on YouTube is very less when compared to the price you pay for marketing on other platforms and TV ads. YouTube has the ability to create better brand awareness than the rest of the advertising modes. You can pay when the user selects your video to watch it. We also make sure that through YouTube Advertising, you get better rates of engagement and your brand recall goes higher.

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